Everyone is coupled up tonight except me, sad
We used to be pretty close tbh, sad
Have no confidence in my work, makes me sad
Im sad you ain’t joining
This boiler room is making me sad, there’s no space to dance
Getting angry and sad
And in a way thats really sad as well
That’s sad
How sad
But it’s sad that life can’t be paused
First day of uni, sad
It’s sad but im fed up of the US
Just sad
Very sad
Seeing this has made me sad, my arms were looking juicy
Makes me sad that you don’t feel it
That’s such a sad storyline
It’s actually sad
And miscarried, so sad
Spending money makes me sad now lol
Stop watching sad stuff lol
Sad smiles and happy lies
Highlight of my day, how sad lol
I’m not even sad rn tbh



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